LiftMaster LA412 PKGDC Single Swing Solar

LiftMaster LA412 PKGDC Single Swing Solar

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The LA412 PKGDC Single is a solar powered residential swing gate operator with EverCharge® Power Management System – it delivers power when needed most for opening the gate and minimizes power consumption at all other times for best solar performance. Its DC motor provides soft start/soft stop operation, which promotes longer gate and operator life, as well as dependable performance. The LA412 is capable of operating gates up to 16 feet long and weighing up to 550 pounds per gate leaf. An on-board radio receiver is included with the LA412. Exclusive from Chamberlain®, this provides a single remote control solution for gates, garage doors, and additional access points. Two 12V batteries and a 12V 10 watt solar panel included as standard.


    Mechanical Specifications

    Main Power (Motor) - 12V DC battery run

    Accessory Power- 12V nominal Class II battery voltage source limited to: Solar or AC cable up to 50' - 500 mA, AC cable 50' up to 250' - 250mA, AC cable 250' up to 1000' - 100mA

    Maximum Gate Length - 16 feet per gate leaf

    Maximum Gate Weight - 550lbs gate leaf

    Shipping Weight - 60 lbs. single, 85 lbs. double

    Temperature - -20°C to 50°C (-4°F to 122°F)

    Fuse Protection Battery - 20 Amp

    Protection Fuse Battery 2 - ATC 20 A

    Solar Power Max - 12V at 30 Watts max.

    Electrical Specifications

    On-board radio receiver - Compatible with all LiftMaster Security+ 315 MHz Transmitters.

    DC motor - slow start/stop operation - 12VDC powered motor with soft start/stop reduces stress and shock to the gate system by slowing down gate speed on initial open/close, promotes longer gate and operator life.

    Inherent obstruction sensing - If gate strikes obstruction, closing gate will reverse to open and an opening gate will stop

    External obstruction sensing - Connections provided for external contact and non-contact safety devices

    Control inputs - Inputs allow connection of external devices such as photo eyes, free exit probe, and wireless access equipment

    Bi-part relay - Synchronized close feature.

    Timer-to-close - Adjustable between 0 and 180 seconds.

    LED indicators - Operator input, status and diagnostic LED's simplify setup and troubleshooting.

    Electronic limit system - Simple-to-set electronic limit system with push of a button.

    Keyed manual disconnect - External disconnect allow user to manually operate the gate.

    Warranty - Manufacturer's 2 year warranty


    Operator arm (two arms included for double gate kit)

    Solar Panel 10 watt 12V Two 7 AH 12 volt batteries

    Control box/control board/surge protector board

    Receiver Module 315 MHz

    Mounting hardware Installation/safety manual

    Caution signs


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