LiftMaster CSL24VDC Slide

LiftMaster CSL24VDC Slide

The LiftMaster® Elite Series® model CSL24VDC Slide is engineered for a million cycles in high-cycle, heavy-duty applications. A Battery Backup System provides uninterrupted access when the power is out, and Security+ 2.0™ technology virtually eliminates radio interference. It also features integrated MyQ® technology and the industry's only standard wireless dual gate communication system. The CSW24V is rated for gates 18 ft. long or 1,200 lbs.


    Battery Backup System Provides Uninterrupted Access When The Power Is Out Provides up to 7 days or 100 cycles on battery backup. Also powers safety and ancillary devices. Provides 2x The Range Of Standard Remote Controls Our patented Security+ 2.0™ Technology provides two times the range of standard remote controls and virtually eliminates radio interference. An on-board radio receiver is included with the CSW24V. It holds up to 50 remotes and is compatible with HomeLink® version 4 and higher. Wireless Dual Gate Communication Prevents Driveway Scars And Expensive Wiring The on-board radio receiver provides a single remote control solution for gates and additional access points. It also features the industry's only standard wireless dual gate communication system that saves installation time and cost and eliminates unsightly scars from cutting driveways to run conduit for primary/secondary communication wiring.


    • Powerful Continuous Duty 12VDC Motor

    • EverCharge Power Management System – Maximizes cycles when running on battery backup or solar power while maintaining optimum battery integrity

    • 12VDC System – Draws less than 8mA when idle including “on-board” radio

    • Exceptional Industry-Leading Sandby Power – Keeps system powered longer on battery backup

    • Battery Backup – Provides operation of the gate and DC accessories and sensing devices in the event of a power loss

    • On-Board 315 MHz Security+ Radio Receiver – Add up to 50 remotes

    • Inherent Obstruction Sensing

    • External Obstruction Sensing

    • Electronic Limit System

    • Timer-to-Close

    • Selectable Auto-Open Feature

    • Auxiliary Outlet

    • Option to Power via Remote Transformer

    • (1) 7Ah 12V Battery Standard

    • Manual Disconnect

    • Surge / Spike Protection

    • Supplied with 25 feet of #41 Black Oxide Chain